Camelback High, Phoenix, AZ

Image courtesy of Jim Johnson, Webmaster, Camelback Alumni Association

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50-Yr Reunion photos by Classmates, Page 2

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from Deborah Parsons (Jerry Martin's wife)
crowd at Friday night patio reception, Russ Mosser at right foreground Les Arnold, Dennis Diestler, Jerry Martin
Pat (Miller) Reeve and Spike Graham Tom Whitelock expounds to Jerry Martin.
Carol (Finch) Fogle & Jerry Martin 'hang' near the bar. George Kapp gestures in amusement, with brown envelope.  Jerry Martin concurs.  Tired of Jerry yet?
Dave Nelson & Les Arnold. Why is everyone carrying brown envelopes? Ron Ramseyer & Jerry Martin just won't follow sign.  Did we mention that Jerry's wife took this set of pics?
Sue (Stahlberg) Kramer, Terry (Worrell) Eastlake, Frances (Fisher) Eyrich Les Arnold trying to calm George Kapp & Dave Nelson
Carolyn (Bushnell) Wilson, Al Henshaw, Sue Kapp Art Becker wonders why Dave Nelson's Mouth has that funny spiral around it.
from Nick Alsever
Skip Stapley, Spike Graham, Penny Selmo Very animated reunion photographer photographs 1/2 of class.
Saturday night, NOT 'far from the madding crowd'
from Margo (Guthrie) Van Den Berg
L to R upper Gary Hettick, Margo (Guthrie) & Hal Van Den Berg, Sam Bailey, L to R lower Carole (Wacker) Hettick, Allen & Cherie (Owen) Pile, Ginny (Lange) Bailey
from Sharon (Lundberg) Colton
Sharon couldn't make it to reunion, so sent this recent pic of herself and husband Dan (for those who did attend, reunion pics only, please).
from Ellen (Roca) Single
Alumni Association's Breakfast with the Principal The School Today, #1
The School Today, #2 The School Today, #3
another pic of 1/2 the class saying "cheese" Looking for what? ... A contact? ... A mouse?
Gayle (Gerrard) Myers and Maria 'Sunni' (Carpenter) Ort Tom Whitelock busted while going for a choke hold on David Johnson
Maria 'Sunni' (Carpenter) Ort, David Johnson, and Sue (Finley) Minor Marnie (Womer) Boyd & Stu Boyd
Bob & Carole Hancock Nick Alsever & Phil Varney. Which one is the ham?
Dennis Diestler & Pat (Poplawski) Kurce Bill & Donna Winkler
Dianne & Rod Moyer Pamela & Doug Harsha
Vickie (Ekdahl) Bisho, Laurie (Leever) Overson, and Tom Whitelock, but then ... ... Ellen (Roca) Single subs for Tom
Carol & Russ Mosser Dave Nelson adamantly mugs the camera.
Don & Carol (Finch) Fogle all decked out in school spirit. Ellen (Roca) Single, Mary Ann (Schimm) Lemons & John Lemons