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The 50-Year Reunion

On the wonderfully memorable evenings of Friday & Saturday October 15th & 16th, 2010, at The Chaparral Suites Resort of Scottsdale, our class celebrated the 50th anniversary of our commencement from high school.  125 classmates and their 76 guests attended.

Check out our "Photo Gallery" (in main navigation menu above) to see some reunion photos taken by your classmates.  If you have some to add, email the digital image files to Sharon (Grimes) Troutt, or call her for an address and mail her sharp prints that we can scan:

The Photo Memory Book includes photos by the reunion photographer, of individual classmates with their spouses/guests, the class as a whole, and some random scenes (in photo montage pages).  If you didn't order and would now like to do so, let us know, as we may still have a 'spare'.

Below are the names of the classmates who attended.
Nick Alsever
Bill Anderson
Les Arnold
Frances (Ashley) House
John Awalt
Gary Baier
Larry Baillon
Carol (Barens) Stoufer
Larry Bartlett
Claudia (Bayer) Tate
Art Becker
Linda (Blatter) Byrd
Mike Boykin
Louis Brand
David Brown
Claus Bunnenberg
Carolyn (Bushnell) Wilson
Rusty Carney
Sunni (Carpenter) Ort
Susie (Chemnick) Chilton
Burt Chrisman
Buddy Clark
Karen (Cristea) Brown
Bill Cross
Dennis Diestler
Jerry Ditzen
Harry Douglass
Ray Eccleston
Gail Ehlenberger
Vickie (Ekdahl) Bisho
Charles Eversole
Linda (Fike) Emmett
Carole (Finch) Fogle
Sue (Finley) Minor
Frances (Fish) Griffith
Frances (Fisher) Eyrich
Don Fogle
John Garretson
Gayle (Gerrard) Myers
Lynn Geyer
Spike Graham
Sharon (Grimes) Troutt
Margo (Guthrie) Vandenberg
Mike Hamby
Bob Hancock
Steve Hansen
Larry Harris
Doug Harsha
Janet Henry
Al Henshaw
Mary (Hershey) Weber
Tom Howell
Mike Hudkins
David Johnson
Bruce Kaehler
George Kapp
Carol (Kaslow) Turoff
Linda (Kerner) Ladd
Paul Kobor
Fred Kuechelmann
Russell Kurtz
Ginny (Lange) Bailey
Sharon (Latraille) Kazel
Laurie (Leever) Overson
Bill Lindquist
Claire (Lusson) Fischer
Peter Macari
John Magee
Kathy (Manning) Dufrain
Jerry Martin
Sandy (McCurdy) Smith
Linda (Mertz) Lloyd
Leonard Meurer
Pat (Miller) Reeve
Suzi (Mitchell) Armstrong
Russ Mosser
Rod Moyer
David Nelson
Cherie (Owen) Pile
Pete Peterson
Bruce Phillips
Lynne (Pifat) Florence
Emily (Pippett) Grable
Pat (Poplawski) Kurce
Ron Ramseyer
Steve Roberts
Val Robichaux
Ellen (Roca) Single
Mary Ellen (Ross) Baump
Jim Rova
Edna (Russell) Montgomery
Ellen (Russell) Killey
Mary Ann (Schimm) Lemons
Mickey Scott
Gary Seiberling
Penny (Selmo) Allyn
Frances (Sharp) Dawn
Sue (Shepherd) Goodman
Mary (Shields) Blanchard
Jerry Shugars
Kenneth Skiff
Pat (Skully) Borup
Sue (Stahlberg) Kramer
Skip Stapley
Nancy (Stevenson) Phalen
Steve Tanner
Pat Or Trish Trujillo
Bill Valenta
David Van Cleve
Liz Varney
Jon Victor
Carole (Wacker) Hettick
John Walling
Kent Walters
Bill Ward
Fred Ward
Land Wayland
Tom Whitelock
Robert Widney
Bill Winkler
Marnie (Womer) Boyd
Carol (Wood) Longstaff
Terry (Worrell) Eastlake
Don Yeager
Bruce Yenerich
Donna (Zollner) Giorgio