Camelback High, Phoenix, AZ

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50-Yr Reunion photos by Classmates, Page 1

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from Tom Whitelock
Liz Varney and Tom Whitelock Pamela & Doug Harsha, and Rod & Di Moyer
Bill Winkler, Pat (Miller) Reeve, and Marnie (Womer) Boyd Frances (Ashley) House, Phil Varney, and Sandy (McCurdy) Smith
Micky Scott and Buddy Clark Prepare to Chow Down Rusty Carney and Don Fogle Discuss THE WORLD
LADIES LUNCHEON: Mary Ann (Schimm) Lemons, Sue (Chemnick) Chilton, and Liz (Varney) Ormond Sue (Finley) Minor, Sunni (Carpenter) Ort, and Mary Ellen (Ross) Baump
Reunion photographer gets photographed ... ... while he photographs about 1/2 of classmates ...
... and onlookers snap their own pics. More pic snapping of posed classmates, by spouses Chuck Single & Gabsch Bunnenberg.
John Lemons, Allen Pile, and Frances (Ashley) House guess the Reunion Committee baby pics, constructed by Sharon (Grimes) Troutt
"In Rememberence" boards, #1 ... ... and #2, constructed by George & Sue Kapp
Bill Valenta & Kent Walters David & Rose Van Cleve, and Linda (Blatter) Byrd
Vicki Ekdahl & Laurie Leever Spike Graham and the folks who went out with him to bat little white balls around
(L to R top) Karen (Cristea) Brown & Bob Brown, Cathy & Jon Victor, (L to R bottom) Kathy (Manning) DuFrain & unknowns Kent Walters, Carole (Finch) Fogle & Don Fogle
Bob & Carole Hancock Janet Henry, Mary Ann (Schimm) Lemons, Alan Pile, Cherie (Owen) Pile, Margo (Guthrie) VanDenberg
Mary Ellen (Ross) Baump & Vickie (Ekdahl) Bisho at Friday Night Reception Desk Mint 1960 Coin, Door Prize created by Tom Whitelock, won by Tom Howell
from Linda (Blatter) Byrd
LADIES' LUNCHEON: Ellen (Roca) Single, Marnie (Womer) Boyd, Mary Ann (Schimm) Lemons, Liz (Varney) Ormond, Sue (Chemnick) Chilton, Linda (Mertz) Lloyd, Linda (Blatter) Byrd, Frances (Ashley) House, Carole Hancock
from Mary Ellen (Ross) Baump
Reunion Committee, with Chairlady Sharon (Grimes) Troutt Klaus & Gabsch Bunnenberg
the 'other half' of the class getting photographed (see Tom Whitelock's pics above) Bruce Kaehler, John Garretson, Ellen (Roca) Single